How We Approached

Through the Narrative Clarity process, we discovered a distinction in Stephen’s presentation style: As both a former engineer and an innovation expert, Stephen’s message is built not on ideas, but on an observable and repeatable process. With this distinction in place, we set to work finding a location that would pair an engineer look with an innovative style. The result was one of Portland’s original mills newly renovated to house some of the city’s most innovative companies. In this backdrop, Stephen could share ideas never before captured in his speaking videos, showing companies how they can 10x their innovation efforts through observable & repeatable processes.


We had two goals for Stephen’s speaker demo reel: Set him apart from all other innovation speakers and make a case so compelling for his approach to innovation that any potential buyer who saw the video would immediately place him on the short list of considerations. The first intention needed to be accomplished within 30 seconds, and the second could only happen if the video’s movements compelled the viewer to keep watching. Thankfully, we were able to take an engineering approach to the work and the results were a truly unique speaker demo reel.


Stephen’s video made a splash in the speaking industry. It was reviewed as one of the best speaking videos in 2018 and shared as an example for the future of speaker demo reels. Most rewarding of all was the way it represented Stephen. Not one to self promote, the brilliance of Stephen’s work is usually known only to his clients where he consistently delivers outstanding results. It was our honor to tell the story of man so deserving and showcase this work to future companies who will benefit from his FAST innovative process.

I was blown away by the experience with Video Narrative. I really did not see how you could, after one phone call, create a story that was this compelling. But you did it! The first draft was amazing…and the final version was perfection. I also loved that I sent hours and hours of video and you watched them – and pulled the best segments from them. I never expected that I would have to spend so little time on this. It was almost completely hands off.

Stephen ShapiroHall-of-Fame Speaker