How We Approached

Our first consultation call in the Narrative Clarity process showed that Darcy’s ideal clients wanted more than a speaking engagement: they want lasting change in their organization.  Darcy’s business structure was oriented towards this form of consulting as well. So, we switched our intention from a speaking video and focused her first video on showcasing the way her Thoughtfully Fit model transforms organization from the inside out.


We noticed quickly that Darcy’s thoughtfully fit model can best be understood through the known benefits of being thoughtfully fit.  Just like a healthy individual, organizations thrive when they are flexible, adaptable, aligned on core values, and agile in dealing with challenges.  To showcase these lessons, we joined Darcy’s team in Wisconsin spending our days in boardrooms, boxing gyms, and forest paths to show the way the Thoughtfully Fit model creates high performing people and teams.


The Thoughtfully Fit video gave Darcy’s team the tool they needed to launch a dynamic marketing campaign.  Organizing years of contacts, audience members, and coaching clients, they built a new foundation to their business.