How We Approached

Our work began with Anna as she completed her brand distinction (BE) CAUSE. For the first time in the history of our country, we have five generations in the workplace and through this video we needed to show the point where they all intersect: “Their Cause”
To complete the project, we chose five locations in Seattle, each representing a different generation and tied these narrations together through the bedrock of Anna’s keynote presentations.


Seven changes of clothes, one car, and Google Maps of the city. Our production took us from the top floor of the Columbia tower, to the campus of Microsoft, over to Amazon, onto the University of Washington and down into the central city offices. Each setting provided a backdrop of movement oriented around a specific generation where Anna shared organizational strategies for tapping into their CAUSE.


Anna’s Speaker Demo Reel was paired with her newly designed website, allowing her to increase her speaking fee and visually show her 25+ years of generational expertise. In a world of speakers who’ve done “research on millennials,” Anna’s speaker demo reel and speaker marketing clips distinguish her as a true expert with a distinct message.