How We Approached

Dan Thurmon connected with our team the year before he became the NSA president.  His goal was to elevate his brand and build the foundation he would need in place as he stepped into his new role.  He tasked our team to show beyond the showmanship he was known for in the industry, and instead focus on the limitless possibilities for organization when each of their individual members are committed to personal growth.


The goal for Dan’s speaker demo reel was to showcase the individual.  This meant pairing his incredible onstage performances with individual audience reactions.  Everything from the testimonial questions asked following his speech to onstage participants needed to serve the distinct message that if you focus on building an organization where each individual is committed to personal growth, you will see unprecedented results.


Dan combined his new keynote with a follow up video called Off Balance On Purpose In Practice.  This allowed him to turn each speaking engagement into the opportunity with an additional fee workshop that let the audience members put what they learned into action.  
With new messaging, a ramped up marketing plan, and a new speaker demo reel, he built the foundation he wanted to have in place before starting his role as NSA president.