How We Approached

Michelle’s project was centered on her core message:  
You have permission to be your full self and have a successful business at the same time.  Too often people give up what matters most to them in the pursuit of success on the world’s terms.  Michelle is on a mission to show a different way and our work was to magnify this message to an even broader audience.  


The music, colors, and energy of this video had to set the viewer free.  But, it had to appeal to the skeptics as well. Michelle mixes inspiration and tactical business strategies so the video needed to accomplish both.  We set the hinge for these two goals around Michelle’s personal story. The result was a video that lifts you up, engages you on a heart level, and gives you practical steps to apply right away:  One of which is to book Michelle for your next conference.


Michelle’s team now has a stunning marketing video reflective of their brand.  They use the video to book Michelle throughout the country, and with each speaking engagement, more women and men join Michelle’s inner circle to build strong businesses around their true selves.  We are honored to be a part of Michelle’s movement and the passion she brings to the world. She is a true world-changer.