How We Approached

When you see Chris speak, you’re changed forever. But, how do you capture that in a video? The answer was to split the story into two videos, showing his world onstage as a professional speaker, and offstage as a world explorer. For the project, we joined Chris in New York to learn along with him that the greatest journey lies within us, rather than without.


Through the Narrative Clarity process, we observed that Chris takes his audience on a journey without ever leaving their seats. His stories take them to Mongolia and beyond and then show them all they ever wanted to find is already within them. This video had to take the viewer on the same journey. Drifting to far off places and images of “sought after” lifestyles, we grounded each idea back into the presentation room, showing the way that Chris transports his audience to a new place within themselves.


To catch the best waves, we woke with Chris at 4 AM. To understand his journey into documentary filmmaking, we returned to his teenage home where he lost his father to cancer. And to understand the way he began sharing the message from the stage, we journeyed to the other side of the world and back to discover that changing the world starts with changing ourselves.


In marketing, Chris’ speaker agency uses the demo reel first to build interest. They then follow the video up with a deeper look into Chris’ story through his profile video. These two pairings create a stronger impression for the committee’s final decision. The results were immediate. His bookings increased as both his speaking agency and the bureaus representing him now had a way to show the experience Chris delivers to his audiences.