How We Approached

Lex Gillette has brilliant vision.  Despite losing his eyesight at age 8,  he went on to set the world long jump record, win 4 world titles, and win a silver medal in the Paralympcis games by 19.   His ability to set visions no one else could see is a perfect message for organizations around the world. But, he needed the speaking video, business plan, and marketing structure to achieve this vision.  Our team partnered with him to build this speaking platform.


Today, companies face challenges like never before.  This video had to show the way Lex’s keynotes teach them to look past their current reality and see further than they think possible.  Joining Lex at the Olympic training facility in San Diego, CA allowed us to capture his daily workouts, while his keynote in Las Vegas enabled us to capture his brilliant stage performance and singing ability.  We paid special attention to sound design allowing any viewer to have as full of an experience if they close their eyes and listen. So, that’s our invitation to you.

Watch Lex’s video the first time with your eyes closed and experience the clarity of his vision.    


Lex’s video was received with unanimous praise across the speaking industry.  It is currently being shared through a bureau and speaking agency launch, followed by a nation-wide marketing campaign.