How We Approached

“Excited” doesn’t come close to describing what we felt in working alongside Jon Petz.  One of the most booked speakers in the country, Jon not only delivers masterful performances, but adds spellbinding magic into his keynotes.  Our partnership focused on a series of videos to showcase his ability as a keynoter, emcee, and to tell the story behind his moments of magic.


Jon’s speaker video was centered on one concept:  Creating Surprise & Delight in Every Business Interaction.  Together, we storyboarded an original magic element that Jon could perform in front of the audience that seemed impossible:  The name of a person in the audience sealed in a still-wrapped deck of cards hundreds of feet from where they were standing. Only after sharing simple ways each audience member could create daily surprise and delight in their customer interactions did Jon reveal the absurdity in ease of the trick, now asking the audience if each of them could perform the illusion.  This tangible take away not only drove the lesson home for each audience member, but provided the foundation for a stunning speaker demo reel.


We joined Jon behind the scenes for a multiple-day event to show the way he works with meeting professionals, speakers, and performers in each event to bring it all together.  From scripting to AV, audience participation to transitions, this video had to show the often invisible ability a masterful emcee has in tying every element of the conference together.


Joining Jon on a 4-day road trip (including time with his family) allowed us to tell the story behind his masterful work.  The keynotes enabled us to literally join Jon on stage with the camera, then continue off stage as he returned home, sharing as far back as his early childhood in discovering magic and through his years as a corporate vice-president.

Through the journey, the viewer sees the lives Jon inspires with each keynote, learning through his eyes why no one in the world is “just” anything.   They are the change-makers, the inspirers, the ones who create magic in everyday moments. Through Jon’s eyes, we see the true beauty of every audience member.


Jon saw results with each video in the first shares.  The rough draft of his emcee video closed multiple engagements and continues to serve him monthly, along with his speaker demo reel.  His profile video is used as a follow up, allowing potential clients who have placed holds on his calendar to connect emotionally with him before making the final decision.  Jon didn’t really have much capacity in his speaking calendar before we started the work. The videos only made it worse…in the best possible way.