How We Approached

There was a moment in the first stage of Roger’s project when everything became clear. The realization came only after exploring Roger’s story with him, learning that despite having a 4-limb disability, he decided as a young child to hold himself to the same standard as his peers in each activity. Years later, after becoming an NCAA Div 1 and professional tennis player, Roger did the same thing in his speaking business: He downplayed his handicap and held his message, his delivery, and his brand to the highest standards in the speaking industry.

But, in the process, he left behind his distinction.

His greatest impact is showing organizations how to increase results by decreasing excuses. Only in his story do you see the way Roger learned this lesson. And only in his story does the audience feel truly inspired to achieve results like him in their own lives. But, his story was absent from his speaking video. It was left behind as an “excuse” others might say gave him a competitive edge as a speaker.

In reclaiming his story and telling it powerfully on the stage and off, Roger’s speaking business came to life in a completely new way.


We returned to the tennis courts with Roger to visually show the story he tells onstage.  Combining new speaking footage with old tennis clips of Roger as a teenager, our goal was to show a leader who has lived this message since his youth.  Wherein previous videos Roger’s physical disability was downplayed or absent, this video brought it center stage. In seeing what Roger has overcome, the viewer believes his inspirational message at a far deeper level, knowing the same kind of achievement is possible in their life as well.   


Roger’s speaking video brought new life to his business.  His brand distinction–present throughout his life but never fully voiced–was now in place.  This process defined Roger’s ideal audience, created the story they need to hear, and instilled a consistent marketing plan that is driving new results in his business every month.