Gregg Greggory | TEAMSROCK

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With more than 1,500 speaking events under his belt and a client list of over 400 companies, team-building mastermind Gregg Gregory is a star! However, Gregg’s stardom was not shining through in his brand. It was outdated and dull. He knew he needed a change — something big — something that would show him for the star he is! That’s why he hired us. He knew we would give him the brand refresh that he needed [...]

Nancy Giere



Nancy is a natural entertainer first and foremost. She brings laughter and smiles wherever she goes. Being an expert in instructional design and performance, she has found a way to bring humor into this important subject as a speaker, trainer, and consultant. Nancy hired us to create a speaker website that would truly show her personality and put her in a position to be able to raise her rates and get more gigs booked. With a vibrantly-multicolored new [...]

Commander Drew Brown

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Drew T. Brown, III, came to 360 Narrative Group with an amazing story. Drew is the son of Drew “Bundini” Brown, II — the personal trainer for Muhammad “The Champ” Ali. Having grown up with legendary and hugely successful mentors, it’s no surprise that Drew joined the Navy in his early adulthood and earned his Wings of Gold, becoming the only African-American Naval jet pilot flying attack aircrafts (A-6 Intruder) at that time.  He was then [...]

Steven Fulmer

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Steven Fulmer has been a professional leadership speaker and life coach for over nine years. When he came to us, it had been several years since he developed his brand and website. Steven felt his online brand did not represent him accurately. After all, the more seasoned we become as professionals, the more we hone in on our true voice and ideal client. He also felt he had reached a plateau and was not sure how to get to [...]

Lori Firsdon | Forte Organizers



Lori Firsdon, founder of Ohio-based residential and business organizing company Forte Organizers, came to us with a mission: to build for her a new company website featuring her as a speaker. Sounds simple, right? Well, this one actually took quite a bit of strategic thinking and planning before we got the concept right. The site had to be branded to the company, but Lori needed to be positioned as a speaker and brand of her own, while [...]

Roger Courville | Connectorship



Roger Courville is a Certified Speaking Professional in the National Speakers Association, a designation awarded to the top 2% of speakers. Roger is known around the globe as the leading expert on virtual presentations and seminars. In preparation for a TedX talk he was giving in the Cayman Islands, Roger came to us to help him create a new personal brand and bring consistency to his other two brands. Visit (Opens in New Tab) Visit [...]

Dan Scungio | Dan The Lab Safety Man



Dan Scungio is a science lab technician and safety consultant who has become known in the industry as "Dan The Lab Safety Man" because of his fun lab safety training seminars, in which he often wears his signature shiny, bright green cape. Dan's old web presence did not position him in a way that truly made him shine. Being a superhero and all, he needed something new and bright! It started with a new logo design [...]

Michael Brand

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Michael is a social responsibility thought leader who has spent his career in the nonprofit industry and philanthropic world. His previous website had not been updated for several years and did not reflect his current level of professional excellence. It also did not present Michael as the thought leader he is. Michael’s new brand has allowed him to ask for the fees he deserves for the value he provides. Visit (Opens in New Tab) [...]