Scott Crabtree: Happy Brain Science


"By going big with Video Narrative, we achieved some big results! The speaker demo reel has lead to more speaking engagements, our video e-course extends our value with each of our clients, and our game promotional video lead to hundreds of sales in the first months following its launch (over $30,000). Plus, we are now releasing our own videos in the studio they helped us setup."

Brian P. Moran | The 12 Week Year



Brian P. Moran is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and corporate trainer. He is the author of the New York Times bestselling book The 12 Week Year. Brian was ready to take his speaking career to the next level and needed a demo reel video and speaker website dedicated to that end. He chose to work with Video Narrative because he needed a trustworthy company dedicated to serving speakers. We went above an beyond the call [...]

Susan Fitzell

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Susan is an award-winning speaker and expert on educational performance. We met Susan in person at the 2015 NSA Influence conference, where she approached our booth and told us a story: She had just hired a web development company to build her a new speaker website. They charged her $10,000 and then pretty much only built her a homepage, which appeared broken when she showed it to us. They were telling her that they needed [...]

Dr. Andy Neillie | Neillie Leadership Group

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Dr. Andy Neillie needed the whole package: a new brand, logo, and website. As a speaker and executive coach, he wanted to target the corporate business world. So, first we started with weeks of brand and business consulting calls. From these calls we determined the new name Neillie Leadership Group, which we all agreed was somewhat corporate sounding, while still featuring Andy’s surname to tie him directly into the brand. Then, we created a new logo and color scheme [...]

Steve Lishansky | Optimize Intl.

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Optimize International CEO Steve Lishansky is a Fortune 500-level executive coach, strategist, keynote speaker, and author of The Ultimate Sales Revolution: Sell Differently. Change the World. Steve came to Video Narrative wanting over a dozen new videos for his company, including a demo reel video to share his story. He ended up also getting brand clarity, new brand logos, and a new speaker website to showcase his new videos on. Steve is a fantastic guy, and was an [...]

Chris Johnson | OnTarget Living


Chris Johnson is a nationally recognized speaker and author, and one of the most sought after health & fitness experts in the country. He is the founder and CEO of On Target Living, a health and performance company that helps organizations achieve performance goals and increase efficiency. Chris also happens to be one of the healthiest people we have ever met. We worked with Chris to design a powerful new speaker reel from his 2013-14 speaking engagements. [...]

Gregg Greggory | TEAMSROCK

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With more than 1,500 speaking events under his belt and a client list of over 400 companies, team-building mastermind Gregg Gregory is a star! However, Gregg’s stardom was not shining through in his brand. It was outdated and dull. He knew he needed a change — something big — something that would show him for the star he is! That’s why he hired us. He knew we would give him the brand refresh that he needed [...]