Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman | Your Wingman


"In the last 14 years I've worked with many different video production and creative firms to help me with my messaging, branding and demo videos. I can honestly say that Video Narrative were the absolute best I've worked with. Not only was their final product the highest of quality, but they took the time to truly delve into my business, and get to know me and my brand from the inside out. Their [...]

Denise Lee Yohn | What Great Brands Do


Blending a fresh perspective, twenty-five years of experience, and a talent for inspiring audiences, Denise Lee Yohn is a leading authority and sought-after speaker on building and positioning exceptional brands. World-class brands including Sony, Frito-Lay, Burger King, and Oakley have called on Denise, author of the bestselling book What Great Brands Do. Visit (Opens in new tab) "Video Narrative brought my message to life in an incredibly compelling way. They were a pleasure [...]

Brian Walter | Extreme Meetings


Brian Walter delivers crafted, made-to-order interactive productions. Each one is full of internal references, challenges and triumphs directly from your company. Your meeting becomes an Extreme Meeting. A “right now” orientation Brian conducts enormous research for every speech. It’s all about your audience’s work life…right here, right now.. Inside the heads of your people Brian says out loud what they’re thinking (“How did he know that?”). He uses humor to boldly state the truth about how things are and what [...]

Manley Feinberg | Vertical Lessons


Manley is recognized as an award winning speaker and Information Technology leader, business expert, published outdoor adventure photographer, and professional musician. In September 2013, we filmed one of Manley’s speaking engagements in San Fransisco, and then made our way to Yosemite Valley, where Manley first began his big wall climbs in the late 90’s. The purpose of the video was to capture Manley edging out of his comfort zone taking the same risks he challenges his audiences [...]

Erin Gargan | Digital Persuasion


Erin Gargan knows how challenging it is for sales, marketing and event professionals to attract attention and communicate persuasively in today’s congested online world. She’s helped global brands leverage digital persuasion techniques to attract attention, increase influence and sell smarter in the modern marketplace. Frequently invited back for consecutive annual events, Erin is known in the conference world for one thing in particular: her energy! Her talks deliver a powerful, specific, actionable formula that’s spiced with stories, [...]

Michael Margolis | Get Storied


How do you communicate innovation? Michael's work is built on a provocative premise: 30,000 years of storytelling redefined for the Age of Disruption. Michael has pioneered a new approach to narrative for innovators, change-agents and visionary leaders. I’m an expert on how disruptive technologies are re-imagining business and every aspect of society. Telling the future story without triggering “fight or flight” resistance. Visit (Opens in new tab)

Scott Halford | Complete Intelligence


CSP, CPAE is an Emmy Award winning writer and producer, an engaging presenter and a long-time consultant to Fortune 500 executive teams. His expansive knowledge in the areas of achievement psychology, which includes brain-based behavioral science, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and the principles of influence add richness and depth to his programs. His workshops and keynotes are filled with humor, wit and depth. Visit (Opens in new tab)