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Project Description

Susan is an award-winning speaker and expert on educational performance. We met Susan in person at the 2015 NSA Influence conference, where she approached our booth and told us a story: She had just hired a web development company to build her a new speaker website. They charged her $10,000 and then pretty much only built her a homepage, which appeared broken when she showed it to us. They were telling her that they needed more money or else would not continue. She felt taken advantage of and was obviously upset.

We told her we would take care of her by building her a new site at a fraction of that cost — one that would even look and function better than the $10,000 site she had recently purchased. So, taking a leap of faith after having been so recently cheated by this other company, she hired us.

We started by creating for her a new logo and color palette. The other company had made a logo for her that she hated, but they refused to make any revisions and told her that was the best they would do. We, however, made sure she was very happy with her logo before continuing onto the next milestone.

Using her new logo and brand colors, we then mocked up a homepage, which she loved. At this point she began to realize she had made the right decision by hiring us.

After months of hard work (with lots of laughs with Susan sprinkled in — she’s quite the character!) we completed her site. She has told us over a dozen times how much she loves it and loves us, and she said she also gets compliments on it weekly.

We also found out later that she was able to get her money back from the other company, which at first they were refusing to do. Knowing this, along with her satisfaction of our work, made us all very happy.

After completing Susan’s website, she then hired us to create some videos for her, including the demo reel featured above.

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Susan Fitzell
Susan Fitzell, M.Ed., CSP, Speaker | Trainer | Educator

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