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Project Description

Steven Fulmer has been a professional leadership speaker and life coach for over nine years. When he came to us, it had been several years since he developed his brand and website. Steven felt his online brand did not represent him accurately. After all, the more seasoned we become as professionals, the more we hone in on our true voice and ideal client. He also felt he had reached a plateau and was not sure how to get to the next level.

Our first order of business was to get to know Steven. To find out his passions and values and message. We wanted to know what was the experience his clients and his audiences had with him and the feedback they have provided over the years. Through a series of what we call consultative coaching sessions with Steven, we discovered together a common thread that has been resonating with his clients but was not even mentioned in his Website or portrayed in his online brand.

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Steven Fulmer

“After nine years as a professional leadership speaker and coach I felt I needed an uplift of my brand, messaging and online presence to match the current value I was providing to my clients. Working with the team at Video Narrative has been amazing. They invested the time to get to know me and the types of clients I serve. The discovery process revealed a common thread of thought-leadership that has resonated with my audience for nine years but was not portrayed or even mentioned in my existing brand or website. Who I am to my clients and audience was not well represented online. Once we discovered my authentic brand and how to represent it online, they developed my new color palette and font types, my logo and website.

My new online brand is now congruent with the brand my clients experience. And, shortly after launching my new website, I picked up a new client who told me that they found me online and reached out to me over several dozen speaker options entirely based upon reading through my website. I landed the gig in a 23 minute phone call. Nice. Thanks Video Narrative!”

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