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Project Description

Optimize International CEO Steve Lishansky is a Fortune 500-level executive coach, strategist, keynote speaker, and author of The Ultimate Sales Revolution: Sell Differently. Change the World.

Steve came to Video Narrative wanting over a dozen new videos for his company, including a demo reel video to share his story. He ended up also getting brand clarity, new brand logos, and a new speaker website to showcase his new videos on.

Steve is a fantastic guy, and was an absolute pleasure to work with! He continues to refer business to us, and we continue to help him whenever we’re needed. Thanks again, Steve!

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Steve Lishansky

“Everything Video Narrative did was elegant, engaging, and highly effective!  What they delivered was outstanding and far better than anything I have ever seen or had before!

Their video mastery and strategic insights on making video really communicate are remarkable, creative, and absolutely invaluable.  From fixing the impact that was missing from my prior videos, to suggesting brilliant approaches to getting my messaging to shine through on video, to crafting super successful videos that my clients and prospects are loving and responding to – they are by far the best I have ever seen at using video to tell the important stories that get us hired!

The Video Narrative team’s work on my website has been every bit as effective as their brilliance with video.  They worked collaboratively with me to shape an approach that highlights my messaging and uniqueness through a simpler-to-navigate and more-visually-engaging website.  The end result is a website that represents me better than ever, effectively and compellingly focuses attention on my key offerings, and is successfully selling me and my offerings!  They provide world-class results and are a joy to work with!”

Steve Lishansky, Speaker | Coach | CEO, Optimize International

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