Dan Scungio | Dan The Lab Safety Man



Dan Scungio is a science lab technician and safety consultant who has become known in the industry as "Dan The Lab Safety Man" because of his fun lab safety training seminars, in which he often wears his signature shiny, bright green cape. Dan's old web presence did not position him in a way that truly made him shine. Being a superhero and all, he needed something new and bright! It started with a new logo design [...]

Michael Brand

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Michael is a social responsibility thought leader who has spent his career in the nonprofit industry and philanthropic world. His previous website had not been updated for several years and did not reflect his current level of professional excellence. It also did not present Michael as the thought leader he is. Michael’s new brand has allowed him to ask for the fees he deserves for the value he provides. Visit MichaelBrand.org (Opens in New Tab) [...]

Gerry O’Brion | What Big Brands Know


Gerry O’Brion is a marketing speaker and author who translates big brand strategies into knowledge that any business can use to win in the marketplace. Gerry’s presentations drive growth with companies of all sizes from small businesses to billion dollar brands. Gerry built his career growing big brands and distills that experience into creating strategies and real ideas that are actionable immediately. Visit WhatBigBrandsKnow.com (Opens in new tab) “Video Narrative produced a speaker [...]