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Project Description

Manley is recognized as an award winning speaker and Information Technology leader, business expert, published outdoor adventure photographer, and professional musician.

In September 2013, we filmed one of Manley’s speaking engagements in San Fransisco, and then made our way to Yosemite Valley, where Manley first began his big wall climbs in the late 90’s. The purpose of the video was to capture Manley edging out of his comfort zone taking the same risks he challenges his audiences to take everyday in their pursuits.

Filming Manley’s interview and climbs in Yosemite provided the chance for a truly personal look at what drives him. When these elements were added to his speaking clips, his speaker video took on a whole new life.

Manley Feinberg

“Talk about ROI! I just closed the largest contract of my career as a direct result of my investment in my video with Video Narrative.”

Manley Feinberg, Speaker | Author, Vertical Lessons

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