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Project Description

Lesley Everett is an internationally-recognized keynote speaker and personal branding expert. In 2016, years since her website was first created, she knew it was time for a complete re-design. After speaking with several web design agencies, she came across Video Narrative. Our proposal was nothing like the others — everyone else wanted to build her a big, flashy website with lots of bells and whistles. We proposed, however, to create an elegant, minimal, audience-focused speaker narrative website that makes sure her messaging is clear and can be quickly recognized. This is because we believe that less is more when it comes to websites. Our goals really resonated with Lesley, and we’re honored that she chose us to build her new online presence.

After picking out some vibrant new brand colors with Lesley, we then created a great new brand logo. Finally, we created the type of website that we has initially proposed: a WordPress-based speaker site that tells her story and makes it clear what her expertise is in.

She is admittedly very happy with the site, and has already been seeing new business because of it. Mission accomplished!

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Lesley Everett

I just wanted to take a minute to say that the new website has generated a number of new potential clients and we’ve just had our first converted. It’s working really well for us. Thank you!

Lesley Everett, Speaker | Author | Trainer | Executive Coach

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