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Project Description

With more than 1,500 speaking events under his belt and a client list of over 400 companies, team-building mastermind Gregg Gregory is a star! However, Gregg’s stardom was not shining through in his brand. It was outdated and dull. He knew he needed a change — something big — something that would show him for the star he is! That’s why he hired us. He knew we would give him the brand refresh that he needed — and that’s exactly what we did.

First we updated his logo. He never had a bad logo before, but it just needed to be modernized. We made the colors slightly brighter and more vivid, and we made sure to flatten the design so that it fits in with today’s trendy style.

Then we built a super cool website that features Gregg as the larger-than-life star that he is. Not only is his site designed specifically to elevate his speaking career, but we also added SEO pages as well that are uniquely intended to attract traffic from all over the web. This was truly one of our biggest projects, and Gregg agrees with this statement: we nailed it!

Gregg ended up also having us create a demo reel video to feature on his new website. You can watch that video above or on his website.

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