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Project Description

Drew T. Brown, III, came to 360 Narrative Group with an amazing story. Drew is the son of Drew “Bundini” Brown, II — the personal trainer for Muhammad “The Champ” Ali. Having grown up with legendary and hugely successful mentors, it’s no surprise that Drew joined the Navy in his early adulthood and earned his Wings of Gold, becoming the only African-American Naval jet pilot flying attack aircrafts (A-6 Intruder) at that time.  He was then assigned to Attack Squadron 35 “The Black Panthers”—the oldest Attack Squadron in Naval Aviation history.

For his service in the United States Navy, Drew has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal by the President of the United States, The Freedom Foundation Medal by the US Supreme Court, and the Congressional Black Caucus Male Achievement Award. Among Drew’s other numerous awards is the United States Chamber of Commerce’s Special Salute for outstanding leadership.

Now, as an outstanding role model for ambition and excellence in character, Drew passes on his life lessons and wisdom as a speaker and author. To tie in his brand with his Navy career, Drew always wears his signature blue flight suit while speaking. His keynotes are sure to pack a punch and leave the audience inspired.

When Drew came to us, his amazing story and impressive image was not being shown to its fullest potential. We knew that we needed to elevate Drew’s brand image and really capture his legacy to show his story in his new brand. We started with weeks of brand identity and consultation calls. From these calls, we concluded that his brand name needed to be Commander Drew instead of Drew T. Brown, as it was before. Then we discovered new colors, which led to a new logo. From the new logo we were able to design a brand theme: the Naval attack jet.

The attack jet describes Drew perfectly: quick, fierce, and sharp. The specific jet we settled on was the F/A-18 Hornet. Drew is the owner of the trademarked and legendary phrase “Float Like a Butterly, Sting Like a Bee,” which was coined by his father Bundini, and made famous by Muhammad Ali. That phrase describes Drew well, and that’s another reason the Hornet is a great metaphorical symbol for Drew’s brand.

The last step was to get Commander Drew a beautiful new website to showcase him as an amazing individual. The website truly captures Drew’s history, and the imagery and colors show Drew’s classy but punch-to-the-face style.

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Lt. Cdr. Drew Brown, Speaker | Author

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